I posted this in an older blog, but I’d thought I’d share it here too.
I have a crazy idea again, or maybe it’s just thoughts because I think way too much about/overanalyze a particular subject.
Enjoy the following thoughts from a mad woman. I’m particularly random at posting such things, and try to be as careful as possible about how much or how little personal information comes out in these posts. Apologies in advance, and if this does offend in anyway, I am willing to change the information about my ideas and how it is broadcasted.
This was one of the things I had thought about after having a wonderful conversation with one of my friends last night: A man doesn’t(and shouldn’t) just tell me that I’m beautiful by using his words. This means nothing to me. A man lets me know that I’m beautiful. He didn’t have to say anything, because saying something, it usually regards physical appearance. See the difference?
I would like an opinion on this. Is this really true, or am I imagining things again?
Lord, have mercy upon my poor, weak soul.
That is all.