It has been forever since I updated several pages.  It has proven difficult for me since I do not have internet access at home (<em>major</em> disadvantage!).
-The archives should be up to date, and I’ve also added/updated some cast info, so go take a gander there.
-I’m also excited for some new work to be done on the next arc.  This one is almost finished, hang in there!
-Also a small note (or big, depending on how you look at it), if you really enjoy reading my web comic, please, please, <em>please</em>, share it with somebody!  Web comics live or die by word of mouth, or so I’m told. It’s a comic for all ages, so there’s no worry about inappropriate content.
I’ve also had some major life changes come up (or possibly coming up) so I know I haven’t been as frequent as I ought, and I hope to be more consistent, even though I have plenty of other obligations on my plate.  After figuring out how to make posts in advance, this has helped me out with only having the ‘net on my phone at home, at least for the time.
Until next time!