I like to take regular breaks with my Penguin Capers comic because it allows time to give quality work. So, what’s up with the amateur-looking art?  Well, this is my comic strip that I began when I was in high school (almost 10 years ago now), and had very little training in art at the time. These help fill in the “gap” between chapters and stories to help give me a break and provide time to work on my comics in order make them the highest quality I can. This time also proves good to learn the ins and outs of the program that I use for my comics.
I also thought about posting some recent art that I had posted on my <a title=”Horn Cartoons on DeviantArt” href=”http://horncartoons.deviantart.com” target=”_blank”>DeviantArt</a> page, and some new art that’s never been seen, so guests can see what other things I do besides draw comics.  Another option is to let it run several weeks without updating, but that’s not really viable. I really like to get people interested in the art that I create.
I would like to post some guest strips on my site during the off times.  If anybody’s interested, please leave a comment or email me here: emperor (and add  at penguinspalooza dot com to the rest—you can figure it out.) And we can discuss the terms from there.
My comic will be resuming on Wednesday, June 27—concluding Meg’s Battle.