Yes, I’m going back to school  in the fall in order to pursue another bachelor’s degree. I’m looking forward to expanding on what I’m already able to draw, and to challenge myself to think outside the box, learn how to properly critique.  Alright, I’m nuts for believing you actually bought that. I really do wish to improve on my artistic skills, to at least match up with my writing skills (I have no idea where those developed, by the way). Granted, the university that I will be attending has neither a degree in illustration or sequential art (aka, comics), but I’m sure something can be patched out with that in mind.
<h2>Why are you going back to school?</h2>
6 years ago, I began a degree in art and quickly abandoned it to finish out a degree in music. I might have been foolish to do that instead of gaining a minor in music, but I suppose everybody needs to learn the hard way. I regret not “sticking it out” in a different professional field, but I’ve learned a lot since then. I want to go back, not because I cannot leave things unfinished, but that I’d like to change my current career path of food service to another field, besides music. Going back to art school will help me plan things better than throwing a piece of art together in a couple of hours and calling it “finished.”
<h2>What does school mean for Penguin Capers?</h2>
Well, I’m sure someone may have asked that eventually. I will be taking a hiatus after “Meg’s Battle” to work on the 3rd in the series, and to make an attempt to build up a bunch of comics, so I’m not posting them all on a whim. To the best of my ability, will try to make weekly posts on Wednesdays, as usual when the comic resumes.
<h2>How long is this hiatus?</h2>
For now, an indefinite amount of time, considering I haven’t even begun the thumbnail sketches for the next story, but hopefully no longer than 6 to 9 months. Having said that, I have other obligations to tend to, which will probably take up the bulk of my time. I will try, however to update my blog on a regular basis with draw blogs, to show my latest works.
That is all for now! Thanks for all my readers for persevering through all the changes my comic has gone through!