Discontentment in food service has been my song and dance for more than 2 years now. I will admit that I’m not where I need to be, and have brought this misery upon myself, wandering from one food service job to another. It does pay the bills, however. I’m not content with mindless manual labor and dealing with (more than) fussy customers.
After experiencing some unfavorable policies at my current workplace, I decided that I can no longer do this thing everybody says I can do: stay and be content there. WHAT? Yes, I’m going to begin another scary and exciting path by starting my own business. I’m not always the most self-motivated person out there, but in the last year of doing my comics, I’ve proved myself otherwise, especially since the right people in my life put me up to the challenge. The most difficult part of this road for me isn’t the failure I’m afraid of, it’s that I tend to not be very social and build good connections for my businesses. I’m talking about both the Pampered Chef consultant position and for my comics as well. I used to be shy, and am afraid to admit there is still some of that in me.
I realize I cannot be held back by the fear of man. The more I open myself to being vulnerable, the more I realize that is why I am still trapped in food service. I’m very excited and grateful that God has given me the opportunity to leave this industry and to begin another path full of both success and failure. My prayer today is that I do not shy away from what I desire to accomplish.
I’m also thankful this has come up because I’ve been looking for ways to work from home since I want to start a family in the near future.
God is too good to me. He will always give me the strength I need to do the things to accomplish His will.