It has been a good year, all in all, in spite of the blocks in the road.
Good things:
-I’ve established good, consistent update times for my comic
-My art has improved tremendously this year.
-Pretty sure I have made somewhat of a presence on the Internet—this is always ongoing though.
-Realizing relationships are far more important to me than making money
-Taking initiative on my job situations
-Getting to keep my home clean enough
-Being poor helps me be thankful for what I have
-Realizing that I’m not in the big instant money-making business.

Things that are still issues for me:

-Talking to people, especially on the phone! Gah! All about pitches for my comics/business
-Getting a [Pampered Chef] business started
-Staying motivated
-Telling my friends about Pampered Chef and my comics over Facebook. I don’t want them to think that’s the only reason I’m friends with them…

Some things that have disappointed me in the last year:

-not getting to go to art school
-winding up working at McD’s for 3 months (never again!!)
-losing nearly all my comics buffer due to previous point

These are the things that have happened to me in 2012. This brings me to my resolutions for next year under things I need to work on:

-Setting achievable goals: monthly, down to weekly, and down to daily goals.
-Setting a fixed schedule so things get done instead of getting distracted.
-Find a place where distractions aren’t going to find me so quickly
-Talk to people on the phone at least 4 times a month, to get over this stupid dread.

I have plenty more resolutions, but they come in the form of the first resolution I have set. I hope that my resolutions are reasonable and thought-provoking for anybody who reads this.
I’ve had a great year and am on a long journey for the next one too. I’m ready for you, 2013!