I haven’t had anybody ask me yet about private commissions, but I’d like to take on other smaller projects on the side of working on Penguin Capers. Here are my rates if you so choose to pick me for your special project! All prices are listed for USD.

Single Character:

Sketch: $6

Inked: $10

Full color (with basic shading): $12

Basic colored backgrounds: no additional charge


+additional Characters: $5 each

+full detail background: $5

Allow me to clarify if you’re a little confused about my methods: Say you want a picture of your friends turned into cartoons, fully inked. There are 3 of you, so $10 base plus $10 for your 2 extra characters($5 a piece). Add a full detail background, $5, totaling $25. ($10+$10+$5=$25).

As far as long as it takes, probably 1-2 weeks, depending on how many I have pending.

Payments currently are PayPal only (some exceptions may apply if you ask first).

I believe that these rates are fairly reasonable. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me by email, or the contact form link in the menu (with contact email). Please be sure to make it clear that it is a commission. I absolutely do not do requests. Please keep it modest (PG at the most). No Nudity! 🙂