What is the Fan Art Challenge?

I’ve enjoyed working on this current Penguin Capers story probably as much as you’ve enjoyed reading it, I’m sure. Now at the end of this story comes a small gap between comics of about 4 weeks (maybe more).
I have opened up the floor to you readers, for a fan art challenge! This is the first time that I’ve done something like this for my comic, so here are some ground rules:
1. You may do a single work, of one or more characters. (Such as a painting or drawing)
2. You may do a comic strip
3. You may do a full page comic (like a Sunday funny). This can be similar to my landscape layout (this is preferred) or portrait format.

4. You may not do anything vulgar, violent, or out of character for any of the characters listed (See below) Please keep it at least PG.

When do you need this by?

The deadline for this challenge will be Thursday, August 1st. I have had someone already ask me about this, so there are 3 spots available for September. Don’t worry about missing this deadline since there will certainly be future fan art challenges.
If interested, please send an email to horn.cartoons (at) gmail (dot) com. Or upload and link your photo somewhere that it can be downloadable to be featured on this site.

I have decided to extend the deadline for this challenge to September 1st, for those who have been busy all summer long and possibly need more time. If you are still interested, please let me know! 🙂

Most important, have fun!

Characters that can be used (in context of the comic) in this challenge:

Canine Kid
And Villains:
Professor Dark
“Dark” Meg
Chuck (Charles w. Samson, III)
Polar Bear Buddies (Bruno and Griz)