I haven’t talked much about relationships, or even past ones for that matter. I’ve been married for just over 2 years now, but that doesn’t make me an expert at giving relationship advice, by any means. There are good reasons why people don’t come to me for relationship advice. This little bit that I want to say about relationships should be taken into serious consideration, especially for Christian couples who want to marry someday. Now I talk about my past, as painful as some of it is. I will avoid using names because I wish to protect the privacy of parts of my life and the others involved.
I thought I could make it work. I honestly did. The more I tried, the worse it got. I had not realized that starting points in Scripture were an essential in a Christian relationship. I believed in an earth that was created only a few thousand years ago(about 6,000). He disagreed, and tried to convince me(force his view on me) that it was very old. I had no means to defend my position(at the time) and I did feel like I was treated as “stupid” and “inferior” because I believed even without “substantial evidence” that I was correct. I wanted to continue on pursuing this guy because I loved him and thought even though our views of Scripture were different. As it turns out, love doesn’t conquer major theological differences.
Young and foolish I blew past the warning signs and kept pursuing him so I could continue in my sinful behavior. No, we didn’t ever mess around, rather my desire was to be married, and he was going to be the one. Love (from humans) does not conquer sinful behavior. . It only masks it, or makes things much worse.

Single Christians, please take this word of advice from one who has been through it. Ask yourself, take into serious thought, if anything essential of the faith of another varies so differently from yours, please be extremely cautious at even thinking about entering a life-long covenant with that person. I am glad of the decisions I made at the very end of the broken relationship (that was, to end it finally) because it freed me to be able to find(and marry) the man God had intended me to marry. NO relationship where one party is acting superior to the other because they believe their view on the Bible is the ONLY correct way to see it, is truly worth it.