Before I begin, allow me to make a disclaimer: I’m not an expert in this field whatsoever. This is solely an opinionated blog post. I’m only a parent, and wish to do what is best for my daughter. If you want research to support what I’m going to say, there are plenty of sources out there. Check them out for yourself.

Should children be allowed to use technology? I mean at all? It appears that when a child is throwing a tantrum, a parent tosses an iPad or some other mobile technology in front of the child’s face to pacify them, to keep them busy for hours. It may seem appealing, but what damage are these parents doing to their children, besides them being a permissive parent? (For one, they got rewarded with technology for throwing a tantrum, so thus that would more than likely result in more tantrums down the road.) Young children obviously should not have tablets/phones. Their brains don’t need that much stimulation. It’s bad enough that my parents just let me watch as much TV and play on the computer for as long as I wanted during the summer as a child, which could have possibly proven to be a major cripple for my creativity later in life(and I’ll never know because of my foolish decisions).

It doesn’t allow them social interaction. They’re glued to a screen which diminishes the opportunity they have to play outside with neighborhood children, and build friendships, and be social with one another. I did benefit from the times I got booted out of the house to play outside with my sister, even though we were “so bored” most of the time. I can’t say even now that tech is all that beneficial for me socially even as an adult(besides a tool for my creativity).

Online public schooling seems like a good idea, right? I personally don’t think so. Not only the anti-social aspect of it, which can be crippling as an adult! This is why actual brick and mortar schools are good for social interaction. The child spends 6 or more hours per day at the computer, that doesn’t include the time they spend wasting on the internet, updating their Facebook statuses and writing papers. Consider that for 5 days a week, 9 months out of the year, excluding the time on the weekends, which could be 8 hours or more. Even I don’t spend that much time at the computer every day.

I understand that once children become adults, they can make their own decisions. Go hog wild. Spend as much time as they want staring blankly at a screen as the hours tick by, losing another day to really live.

It’s ironic that I’d be posting this on a blog somewhere out in cyberspace, making others stare at a screen to read my opinion. It’s very conclusive that technology should never be in the hands of children. If they watch TV(“Netflix”), it should be closely monitored, and if they need to write a paper, maybe it’s best to use a public computer at the library over a home computer due to the fact that there are too many distractions at hand. I understand there are parental controls and time limits on devices, but is that truly the solution for children who are having to get glasses because they don’t blink when staring at a screen or don’t know how to socialize because they’re so used to holding a smartphone in their hands? I’m not saying this because I’m afraid of my daughter someday touching “my toys”. I want to do what is best for her. I don’t believe she needs to be using any sort of technology for long, especially unsupervised, and it’s just bad parenting on my part if I allow technology to be the parent(i.e., time limits on computer usage.) What does your child do when they’re bored? I hope they’ll reach for a book or go outside and play instead.

I will accept comments, so long as they’re a debate, not an all-out attack on my view.