Who inspired me to draw comics?

Who other than Jonny Hart, creator of BC When I was younger, I wasn’t too much of a fan of his work, but as I got older, I really enjoyed how he pulled off the subtle humor in his work. Sometimes it was the slapstick humor in it that got me interested while reading the older works of his. I took this impression and implemented it into my comics, and with my sense of humor being similar to his, it worked out well! His characters’ personalities were always an intrigue to me too, especially in how they interacted with one another, which did set up for some interesting scenarios.

What I really loved with his comics, especially more his Easter Sunday comics is how bold he was in presenting the gospel in them. I’m sure I’ve heard somewhere that it cost him some exposure in some newspapers, but I don’t think he ever regretted showing his faith in his work. Any Christian you would ask about that might say something similar to that. His boldness in showing his faith inspired and encouraged me to be bolder in mine, doing similar things in my work too. It doesn’t always show through with Penguin Capers, but I have other avenues where I can show this.

It is sad that Hart is no longer with us, but his work on earth is finished. The comic strip is continued on through Mason Mastroianni, his grandson.