The last couple months I’ve been doing a lot of serious thinking. I know I probably take way more hiatuses than most webcomic artists do, but I feel that it is especially necessary this time, caring for my daughter is still pretty involved at this age, and the increasing difficulty of keeping a regular weekly schedule. I don’t know exactly when Penguin Capers will return this time, or in what form(may finish the current story line, but I’m unsure of how I’m going to go about it). I’ve also had a crazy schedule of moonlighting package handling, at least half the night most nights, so it’s a huge challenge to find the right balance. I want to take this time to regather my ideas, do some editing and possibly re-writing, and perhaps build a buffer so I don’t have to keep taking so many frequent breaks.

Canine Kid is doing great and has had a great response so far (THANK YOU!!), but a continual story can be wearisome as I have previously experienced, plus caring for family and everything in between, I’ve decided that this comic will return in strip form hopefully in January 2016 after the current story is finished for the year.

I hope you readers (as few of you as there are) understand my decision in taking an immediate break with Penguin Capers to regroup this comic. Canine Kid is still running Mondays at

Thank you wonderful readers for understanding.