I’m excited to announce a new web comic that I’d like to start work on in the next year: Lifesong. It follows an ordinary girl growing into a young woman through a couple years of her life, facing joy, happiness, sadness, and adversity. In addition she becomes a Christian and struggles in growing to know the Lord. I really can’t spare many more details about it, because spoilers! I have some pretty exciting things happening with this and can’t wait to share it with you! 

Meet the Protagonist:

This is the main character, Sara Hermonio (hur-muhn -EE-oh). She’s a character from a much earlier work (writing) back when I was in high school. A friend of mine helped to write part of a story with her in it, as well as having 2 sisters. It wasn’t very good then, so I decided to re-write this story from the ground up, using most of the same characters and changing a few of their roles. Ostensibly, it follows a second main character as well, when they appear later in the story.

Why I’ve decided to do this:

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Christian, and I’ve always needed a way to be able to present the Gospel to people. Unlike other artists I’ve met, I’m rather shy, and need an avenue that makes it easier to talk to people—Comics, of course! This is a means(or an attempt at least) to present it in an effective way that I’d be able to converse to them about this. I’m not very eloquent with words when speaking to someone in person—especially when I’m nervous or someone happens to be intimidating… Most of a Christian’s life isn’t much different than a unbeliever, except one thing: Christ being at the center and their only hope and guide to live a righteous life. Also, while super hero comics are really fun to draw, I just need a change of pace.

What’s happening to Penguin Capers and Canine Kid?

Penguin Capers: I’m uncertain at this point if I wish to continue this series. I’ve toyed around with the idea that I just need to put it to bed, and again I have a desire to finish this series. I’m at a point in my life where the excessive amount of effort that it takes to do this comic is simply wearing me out(Coloring is fun, but a lot of work, especially with a toddler to chase around). Don’t doubt that it will go away altogether. I haven’t decided how I want to have this come back. Canine Kid: Planning on bringing back a weekly strip sometime in early-to mid-2017, in black and white, as it’s much simpler to draw that way…

When are you going to release it?

I can’t give a specific day or month because, as my reputation, I’m terrible at keeping my word with a crazy full-time job and chasing a toddler around a good part of my day. I plan on releasing it at some point in 2017, maybe as late as 2018, depending on the crazy things that happen between now and next year.

Thank you all for those who read/have read any of my comics. I hope you’re looking forward to this series as much as I am!