Hello, everyone.

I thought I’d answer some questions as to what is happening in my life.

You’ve been off the grid for awhile Rebecca, what’s up?

I recognize I’ve been off from drawing for what feels like a long time. My art at present has been an  “as I have time” basis. Unfortunately due to extenuating circumstances, I will be further postponing the release of any more comics regularly, until at the very earliest next August, which this date is very shaky at best. My situation with my family is still all speculation at this point. I must take this hiatus to focus on not getting sick, or making things worse.

Where do I go from here?

Wishing to reassure everybody that even in the most dire of circumstances, I’m still finding at least 5 minutes to draw here and there, so I haven’t quit altogether. One of my goals in the next few years, is to earn my free time back to dedicate more time to my art. (Hey, I have a 4.5yo kid who needs a little more attention than my hobbies, as yucky as it is!) In the next several months, I have a goal of publishing my work primarily on my Patreon page. Please consider supporting my work!

You’ve had some NSFW art in the last couple years. Are you still an all-ages artist?

Yes. Just because I make a few mistakes(and later hugely regret it), doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned from them. I apologize for my error and any cause for lack of confidence in my work.

But, Lifesong seems like a mature, adult-themed comic. Are you sure you want to proceed with its creation?

I understand the content of this work will eventually lead to some mature, adult-themed content (such as dealing first-hand with emotional, verbal, and to a degree, physical abuse/domestic violence, though it will be talked about, not illustrated), but I only wish for others to be aware that these things are going on around them. I also want others to know that the right thing to do is to leave abuse situations. Young adults need to talk to their parents and friends about abuse and how to help those, or where to reach out for help in abuse situations. With this work, I would like to reach a younger 14+ audience with this, regardless of the mature content, so they can talk to their parents/guardians about what is happening.

Just a reminder that abuse happens/can happen/has happened to all ages, race and gender. This doesn’t just happen to non-Christians. It is rather insidious with Christians as well, though not as commonly spoken about, unfortunately.

Regardless of the nature of this work, I hope you enjoy reading it in the years to come!


Lastly, I like to thank you for being understanding and supportive of my work, even though I have not drawn a lot of art in the last couple years. Here’s to a positive attitude and hope that things will get better from here on out!