Hooray! Penguin Capers has finally returned! I’m so excited to bring this comic back into the spotlight and work hard on each and every element(yes pun intended! ;)). I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed creating this comic. I am currently under a 2-month hiatus to catch up on things and what-not, but never fear! I plan to be back in May to continue the series.

Whoa! Here is the bigger news…

I have plans to re-work the older story arcs to improve upon the overall theme of my work. I’d love re-publish here, but unfortunately time and resources will not permit me to do so. I have however decided to post these works for my premium Patrons. I have future plans to continue with the next story in the series, after a few major edits.

Other projects are accruing during this time as well! I have 2 other comics that are running off and on in addition to this comic, which is a very delicate balance and often gets away from me due to lack of discipline, but I am trying to make sure nothing gets forgotten for too long. I really want to begin fleshing out a little more detail in each of my works!

Thank you, everyone who has been emotionally supportive for me throughout my webcomic endeavor.